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The World of Rusty Taylor, a hemp-inspired quadriplegic jester disguised as a jazz-singing poet and writer
Live at The Loft, April 12, 2013
Columbus, Georgia's Weekly Home for Live Jazz Music

The CSU Jazz Combo I... Eric Buchanan (drums), Yuliya Ugay (vocals), ? (trombone), and David Baker (bass).Eric's hands are moving as quickly as hummingbird wings. Speaking of hummingbirds... do you know why the hum? They don't know the words!Ed Suh (trumpet) and Eric.Not done on purpose but cool effect.CSU Big Band 2012-13.Another accidental stretch.Head of Jazz Studies at CSU, Dr. Alex Pershounin, world-class bassist.I was allowed an opportunity to sing with CSU Jazz Combo II.Not only is my forehead foreboding in its immensity, large enough to use as a billboad on I-185, but there's so much grey in my beard! Why don't my friends tell me these things?Eric played drums for both combos.No, I'm not in pain; I'm scatting, baby.Fear the bassist's badass beard.Ian Cooper on bari-sax.Nice shot.Let's get ready to...